Leather Love Bracelet

This intriguing bracelet presents a large sterling silver piece on a soft leather background. The beautifully styled letters form the word Love and a very alluring 'eye' creates the letter o.

The timeless design, precision craftsmanship and the variety of beautiful materials make it a truly remarkable piece that will always be in style.The price is $795.

To purchase this bracelet, please send me an email via the contact page with your measurement and desired color.

Details on the construction and measuring for size-


Originally carved in wax, each piece is cast in sterling silver and carefully finished. A black Tahitian pearl is precisely fit into the opening of the eye. A silver pin is fitted through the silver down into the pearl and laser welded into place making the pearl secure. We add a pink sapphire to the corner of the eye by hammer setting it into place.


The large silver casting is attached to the leather by way of 4 posts on the back. They pass through the leather and on the other side silver discs are added and then the posts are riveted into place. 

The silver piece is 1.75” x 1” x 1/8”, and the leather cuff is 1.25” wide. The leather cuff is hand made. We cut, glue and fold the leather then add a snap closure. We use soft deerskin in the black version or soft cowhide in the brown version. Both are very supple and comfortable.


We custom build the cuff to whatever size you need. To figure out your size, you can cut a piece of paper 1.25" wide and around 8" long. Wrap it around your wrist just above the wrist bone. Not too tight or too loose, just lightly fitting the exact shape of your wrist. Mark where the overlap is and then measure with a ruler how long you need. We add 1/4" to accommodate the thickness of the leather. An average wrist might measure 6.5" and then we'd make a 6.75" bracelet.

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