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the Maui Fire

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The devastating wildfire that burnt down Lahaina was both heartbreaking and unbeliveable. The picture to the right is what's left of Sargents Fine Art Gallery. Two of their employees died in the fire along with about 100 other people. It's hard to believe something like this could happen. It took many weeks but eventually the gallery owners were allowed into Lahaina and found the 2 safes in the rubble. They had to be moved to a new location and opened by a professional. They barely even resemble a safe anymore and look more like some burned up metal trash. BUT - Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, my work was somehow intact and emerged from the larger safe. I am truly amazed that anything survived. I guess you could say these jewels are now symbols of endurance and survival, having arisen from the burning ground of Lahaina. I have given them a good cleaning and am now offering them for sale with part of the proceeds going to a Maui Charity. If you'd like to own a historical piece of jewelry, I am offering them at a very special price in my shops page.

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